Flood Restoration

Flood Restoration

24 Hour Water Damage Specialists

Going through the trauma of water damage can be quite an upsetting, disruptive and inconvenient event destroying your home or business, personal property and irreplaceable family heirlooms. Unfortunately pipes break, appliances leak, washers and toilets overflow, sump pumps fail, it rains heavily etc…

However, beware of companies claiming to be specialists. There is a BIG difference between a ‘carpet cleaner’ and a water damage restoration specialist. There are a lot of guys out there with shop vacs or other extraction equipment who can ‘remove’ the water. Truthfully the carpet is just the tip of the ice berg. The entire structure is our main concern. If not mitigated quickly and thoroughly, the water damage will continue to get worse, a condition know as secondary damage. It may be hidden to the eye for weeks or months but can continue to destroy walls, floors and the structural integrity of a building. It can also foster an unhealthy environment including microbial growth, mold, health hazards, bacteria, odors, ruined carpet and furniture etc…. The severity of damage, amount of time passed and the source of the water will make a difference in how the damage is handled.

American Air Conditioning & Restoration is capable of handling any size water damage small or large commercial project. Our pricing is in accordance to industry standards and accepted by all the major insurance carriers. We can even set up to collect a deposit and bill your insurance company for the balance.

Give American Air Conditioning & Restoration a call. With our over 30+ years of experience we will make sure you avoid the pitfalls of working with an inexperienced restoration company.

Some common issues we encounter are: Broken pipes, water leaks from hot water tanks, heavy rain, tub overflow, fire sprinklers, fire damage, water damage, HVAC drain line leaks, water leaks. Call us. We can help.


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